Doing Good

A while back I was contacted by Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network. They are organizing a silent auction on their 'Black and White Night' on May 6th and they asked if I wanted to donate a piece. It so happens that for a long time I've wanted to do something like this - to be able to make a difference with my pieces. I do know my art makes people happy but I wanted to do something for the animals as well. For me personally this kind of opportunity is meaningful on so many levels. As an artist I am truly happy someone sees value in my work. As a human being I am happy that I'm able to do something good and meaningful.

They originally suggested I'd donate an orca from my shop but I didn't want to do just that. First of all, I wanted to give them my best work so I created 3 custom-made pieces for them. One of them actually is an orca, since that's also on their logo. However, it's a new and better one. I wanted to make a variety of pieces so more people would get interested. So, I ended up making a quite realistic orca necklace, a stylished vintage-inpired whale necklace and a seal totem.

I really hope these pieces are able to tell their story and help collect some funds. Many magnificent species are suffering because of what us humans have done to the environment. Luckily, there are ways to help.

♡ Maikki


New thing

As an artist and a human being I always feel the need to move forward. Some people might think it is just about needing more but I would call it evolving. I am continuously looking for new ideas. My latest innovation is to turn my art into wall art. I've actually had this idea for quite some time but for some reason I did't act on it earlier. Maybe on some level I felt as if my skills weren't on a proper level yet. I think like that sometimes even though I know it might not be the wisest thing to do. However, a couple of days a go I had an idea which lead to another idea. Now they just keep pouring in.

This is my second attempt on a wall art piece. I decided to show you this one because it represents so many things. It's a fresh idea and also a piece that came out exactly as I had planned it. I guess sometimes people might have misconceptions of how art happens. I have noticed that some may think it's simply something you make. The truth is, most of the time it's quite challenging to convert to 3D what's going on in your head. However, occasionally a lump of clay magically transforms into something you where only just imagining. It really feels like magic and that happened with this piece. I had been battling with myself for days and thinking if I'm really going somewhere with my art. This whale took me there.

This is quite a petite creation but the idea of such small wall art like this is kind of growing on me. I'm thinking of white whales with colorful details and all kinds of whales popping out of my wall. I definitely need to make an orca and a beluga next! Also, I have so many plans for other animals as well. If there's something you'd like to suggest, leave a comment below. You can also fill out the contact form for requests or message me on Instagram.

💛 Maikki



Lately I have been noticing people sharing a lot of comparison photos of how their work has evolved in a certain period of time. I didn't want to be any different and I simply couldn't resist that trend. The pedagogue in me says it is a brilliant way of self-reflection because you have actual evidence that something has, presumably happened over that time.

I have been sculpting since the beginning of the year 2016, so at the time of writing this blog post I've  been sculpting for about a year. I know it is a rather short period of time but in terms of sculpting, it seems like forever to me. Many tiny animals have been during that time.

I decided to choose two whales for comparison because first of all, I love whales and secondly because I have something to compare. Also, I find whales to be interesting examples because of their rather simple shape - you would think they are easy to make.

These two were made 9 months apart.

The biggest differences

There are obviously a lot of things you can already tell just by looking at these two photos. My first whale (on the left hand side...) is quite stumpy. It lacks the very essence and the sleekness of a whale. Even the paint job is a bit lumpy. The whale on the right is everything he's not. Sounds so brutal, I know.

The thing you can not tell by looking at these photos is that the newer whale is actually a lot smaller. That is the one thing I have been aiming at when it comes to jewelry - to make smaller pieces. It is mostly about the pieces being more comfortable to wear but it's also about challenging myself.

Have I become faster at sculpting?

This is the question people are often interested in. The answer is yes and no. At the time I made my first whale, I was quite proud of myself. It took me a long time to make, or so it seemed at the time. See, here's the thing - I actually spend now at least the same time making each piece if not even longer! Of course I could make a similar piece a lot faster now. Also, if I wanted to make the same kind of thing over and over again, I would get faster at it. However, rising standards and understanding of detail correlate with the time I spend on each piece. I try not to be too fast on purpose. If I rush my work, that would mean I might not be doing a better job that before. And yet, evolving is the thing that thrives and artist.

♥ Maikki


For my valentine

My first post on this blog is going to be a happy one because it's all about love and sharing it! As we all know, Valentine's day is just around the corner. I have been thinking about organizing another giveaway since I haven't done one in months. So, what would be better than a Valentine's day giveaway! Because Valentine's day is all about love in all its different forms, I though I would show my love for my Internet friends with this giveaway. The thing here is that I'll be giving away two items and I'd love if the winner shared the price with someone special to them. Without further ado, here is the price - two love tapirs!

This giveaway will run until Valentine's day. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Mai Darling Designs' Instagram page on the 14th of February. Take part here!